Who are Our Clients?

Our clients are self-employed business owners who pay their taxes in Ireland. See what they do and how we help their business to succeed.

Self Employed/ Freelancers

Maximise earnings, minimise stress with efficient online filing.

Sub Contractors- RCT

Streamline your tax returns, focus on your core contracting work.

Landlords/ Airbnb Hosts

Simplify tax filings, maximise rental income effortlessly.


Save time on tax returns, focus more on patient care.

IT & Other Contractors

Optimise tax filings, have more time for projects.

Employees with additional income/shares

Efficiently manage taxes, enhance investment opportunities.


Free up time for creativity, let us handle tax returns.


Streamline tax filings, empower business growth.

Taxi Drivers

Save time on tax returns, hit the road, earn more.


Thank you Mr. Irfan for your prompt and effective response. My situation was complicated but your team was able to resolve it.

Dragana Tumpak

I highly recommend Very professional, timely reply. I’ve filed my returns and I will go to them again.

Sarah Myers

Great people and good work. I definitely recommend them, they are trust-worthy. Thanks a million to Mr. Irfan and his team.

Steve Moore

Excellent service, simple steps with efficient assistance. I filed my returns on time and without any trouble. Highly recommended.

Alexander Prince

Irfan and his team are fast, professional, reachable and on time with filings. I'm very grateful because finally I'm sure my accountant is doing a great job! If you’re looking for excellent service this company is the best solution for you.

Wellness Studio J'adore

I recommend, they did everything for me and I got over €1,200 in tax returns. I liked that it was so simple and the fees were low for this service.

John Doyle